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Food Truck
  We started our Asian twist food truck business on September 2016. Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction. We always use the best ingredients possible in our food. We put a lot of love and effort in making our food, so we hope you will enjoy it. Contact us for catering service or company lunch, it will be our pleasure to serve you. 

Our Schedule on April, 2018

Our Products
  1. Tornado Hot Dog
    Tornado Hot Dog
    Premium hot dog wrapped in a freshly cut potato, drizzle with nacho cheese and bacon.
  2. Beef Shank Shao Bing
    Beef Shank Shao Bing
    Slow Cooked in Chinese five spice, premium boneless beef shank, purple cabbage toss with dijon mustard and ponzu citrus dressing, green onions, cilantro, serve in a flaky sesame flat bread.
  3. Pork Belly Rice Bowl
    Pork Belly Rice Bowl
    Chinese style braised pork belly, with a braised egg, and seasonal veggie.